Video in first person perspective

Get all the benefits of actually being in the room, without actually being in the room. Our video capture glasses allow users to capture themselves performing a task in high definition. This video can then be used to train and assess more effectively.

Trainee videos with your own performance metrics/marking scheme

Make the assessment process and criteria very clear and precise so it not open to interpretation. This allows trainers to show exactly what performance level their trainees are at and importantly why they are at that level.

Trainees exactly where they went right and wrong

Promote self improvement and reduce errors by using our digital feedback system(Video Annotations). This way trainers can show their trainees exactly where and when in the video(eg 2 minutes 37 seconds) where they made a mistake and failed on a particular metric.


Our technology is being used across a number of different markets to solve various problems regarding training.


Our technology is being used in Healthcare to teach procedural skills. The result is a reduction in errors and an improvement in the proficiency of Healthcare Professionals.


Medical Device

Medical Device companies of all sizes are using our technology to train Healthcare Professionals on how to use their devices. The result is cost and time savings.

Medical Device


Pharmaceutical companies are using our technology to ensure that staff are trained in accordance with their standard operating procedures. The result is a better training program.